Privacy policy

My Hook-N-Needle is committed to protecting the privacy of all visitors to our website. This policy describes privacy practices of My Hook-N-Needle and contains information about what data is collected and how it is used. We believe that the protection of personal privacy is of the utmost importance when visiting our site because it helps us to deliver efficient and effective customer services, to ensure our users’ confidence and to encourage online participation. Thank you for visiting our site.

Use of Cookies and Collection of Information

Our web server automatically collects your Internet Protocol address when you visit our site. Your IP address is your computer’s unique address on the Internet that lets other computers connected to the Internet know where to send data.  This information can identify the region you are in but rarely can be used to identify you individually. Some payment processors require this information to process payments made by you. It can be used to help detect fraud.

To help provide better service and a more effective website, sections of this site may use cookies as part of its interaction with your browser. A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your hard drive to allow our server to identify your computer. Cookies are also used as part of our security protocol once you are logged in.  They help us encrypt the connection between your browser and our server.

Whenever you are connected to a web-site you are considered to be in a session.  There are two types of sessions, encrypted and anonymous. An anonymous connection only contains identifying information the session.  Mainly this is a session id and an indication that you are browsing anonymously.  An encrypted session provides the high level of security required to process orders and payments. 

While you are in an encrypted session our system uses the information in your cookie to identify your account, active shopping carts and order progress if any. Do not give personally identifiable information or credit card information online unless you see a locked padlock at the bottom of the browser or near the address bar. The padlock indicates that your browser has established an encrypted connection using an SSL certificate that has been verified by a reputable third party to belong to our site.

If you are not in an encrypted session, our use of cookies will not combine your cookie information with other personal information to determine your identity or your e-mail address.

In all cases our use of cookies will not attempt to read any other information stored on your device.

Protection of Personal and Credit Card Information

Your personal information will not be shared, sold or transferred to any third party unless it is required by law or to complete a transaction you requested. To use certain services on our site, you may be asked to provide personal information, such as your name and address. If you are making a payment, we may ask for your credit card information such as card number and billing address. Payment information will be shared with our payment processor.  If you request that we ship items to you we will share your shipping information with our shipper.

We will only ask for information that we need to support your requests and/or improve our level of service to you.  If you decline to provide the requested information, we may not be able to provide the services you expect via the website.

We will not store your credit card information after we have sent it securely to our payment processor.  The processor will provide us with tokens to reference your payment transaction with.  We will not be able to tell you any information about any credit card used on the site.


Please be assured that the interactive services on our site are equipped with the latest security measures to protect the information you provide us. We encrypt important data that must remain secure to meet legal requirements both in transit and in storage. Most web browsers indicate a secure session by a ‘closed lock’ icon at the bottom of the screen or somewhere near the address bar.  See the documentation for your specific browser for more information.

Links to Other Web sites

My Hook-N-Needle’s privacy policy applies to only. You should check the privacy policy of each site you are linked to if you have concerns about how they handle personally identifiable information.

Protection of Minors

My Hook-N-Needle believes that protecting children's privacy online is extremely important and respects national and international laws, including the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act ("COPPA"), which applies in the United States. My Hook-N-Needle does not knowingly collect personal information from children; however, it does not verify the age of visitors to its site.

We hope parents monitor their children’s Internet use and ask that minors get their parents’ permission before providing any information online. If, at any time, you have a concern about children’s use of the web or any part of this policy, please contact us using the contact us link at the bottom of each page on our site.