Manufacturer Prym
Manufacturer part number 215201
GTIN 499996989282
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Prym Circular Knitting Needles 24"-Carbon 2.5mm

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Ergonomical circular knitting needles make knitting easier and more comfortable. Made from quality, high-performance synthetic material and are very flexible. With the drop-shaped hook tip, the knitting needles are very suitable for beginners, because the thread guidance is much easier, and the stitches do not slide so quickly from the needle points. The innovative design in high-performance synthetic material reinforced by carbon fibers guarantees that they are stable, flexible and light weight. The material used for the round shaft is so smooth that the stitches slide effortlessly along it and glide evenly from needle to cord. The very fine steel cord is coated with high-quality, dark violet colored plastic and the tendency to spiral is eliminated. This package contains one pair Circular Knitting Needles, 24 inches.